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Testimonials from Clients and Colleagues

Blue Grey stood out for the sheer ambition of the project, bringing to a public audience a topic that is too rarely managed and carried privately by individuals and their loved ones. The filmmaking was simultaneously elegant, intimate and brave.”
- Judges’ statement, Leeds International FIlm Festival

"Zoe is a bright, engaging, communicative and energetic person who commits herself fully to everything she does and was selected from a long list of applicants to work as videographer on an archive project we were doing for the Heritage Lottery Fund." 
– Tony Dowmunt, Director, Satellite Dreaming

"Zoe is an asset; able to impart her skills, unique background, and deeply considered practice to colleagues." 
– Melody Woodnutt, Director, Weight of Mountains film residency

"Zoe has worked for me on a number of film projects. She has always been a very trustworthy colleague and a friendly, respectful and pragmatic individual." 
- Joe Sartorious, Director, A Running Occupation

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